I’m Chris Potter: graphic designer and computer nerd. Playing Atari and Nintendo as a youngster inspired both an interest in technology and artistic creativity. I combine hand drawn elements with technical proficiency in design programs for unique ideas. My style is clean and functional.
      We live in a world of visual clutter, and the typical solution for advertisers is to make things bolder and more obnoxious. As the internet fills with increasingly intrusive, performance hindering ads, I want to provide a breath of fresh air for weary web surfers. I use simple solutions with clever implementation. Experience

with computer repair and writing code in several languages helps me learn quickly, make websites browser friendly, and understand how to maximize loading speeds.
      I also enjoy logo design and branding projects. It's exciting to define an entire business through the use of merely basic form and color. I still have an interest in videogames for the technological innovation, cutting edge design, and of course, entertainment value.
      As personal hobbies, I dabble in comic book illustration, cartooning, computer repair, and I play keyboards in a band with my dad and brother.

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